Wind from the North, Kitesurfs and Windsurf

In the days when the Northern wind blows, that we call either “Tramontana” (the warm warming breeze), or “Maggiore” / “Monscendrino Favonio” (when it strongly blows for the whole day), the “colonia” beach in Germignaga becomes the right “spot” for people who are crazy about windsurf.
During these clear and windy days the parking at “Fontanelle” and the beach are full of people who, dressed in a diving suit and life jacket, prepare their equipment very quickly, arm the sails and run into the lake waves, with the help of the wind, which lets also beginners to start sailing.
It is not easy to come back to the same place from where you left, but the several beaches which are sheltered from the wind, offer sportmen a second or third chance.
The show, on the contrary, is for everybody, for people who throw themselves into the waves and enjoy planning on them, but also for people who walk along the lake promenade and watch these great sportsmen jumping on waves.